Custom Facebook Pages

By Mikey PostsOnly, 12:17 pm

Custom Facebook Pages

There is no denying the impact that Facebook’s members could have on your business.  If you are going to be successful, it can’t hurt to have those MILLIONS of FBers at your disposal.

But creating your Facebook page so it stands out from the rest is not a simple task.  If you currently have a special tab for your business on your personal Facebook profile, enjoy it while you can.  Facebook has announced they will no longer support Static FBML on profile pages, which means you will need to create a Fan page.

Once you have your Fan page in place, it’s time to learn Facebook’s Markup Language (FBML), HTML, CSS, Javascript and maybe even a little Ajax.  Maybe it will all be much easier some day.  But, right now, even those with web-based skills will initially struggle to figure out what can / cannot be done using Static FBML.

Basically, you have three options:

  1. Become familiar with FBML and everything else listed above, or
  2. Make a MONTHLY payment to the hard-to-find companies that make the process a bit simpler for you, or
  3. Hire ArchangelWeb

We charge you a one-time fee to develop and publish your custom, Static FBML Fan page.  You can get started for as little as $100 for a single-tab, single page.