Kale Van Leeuwen

By Mikey PostsOnly, 3:08 pm

Kansas City Artist, Kale Van Leeuwen, is a fast-rising star in the artworld. Kale turned to ArchangelWeb.com when he needed a fresh and exciting website.

Services Provided:

  • a gallery application to showcase his artwork,
  • a widget-ready Word Press blog,
  • a calendar to highlight his ongoing art shows,
  • animated links to twelve social-networking sites on every page
  • self-moderating email broadcast application
  • spammer-proof “contact me” page / application

Everything has been wrapped in a fully validated CSS and XHTML-compliant design that integrates the varying applications without compromising the site’s design. This site has been optimized for highest rankings on search engines and submitted to over 1000 sites across the internet.