Annabran Imagery

By Mikey PostsOnly, 4:33 pm

Most of our photographs are characterized by long exposures, soft images, and eye popping colors. Using dynamic compositions, the photographs are mood evoking, inspirational and create a sense of joy and wonderment. Our images portray the globe: from Alaska to Appalachia, from Asia to Africa and the earth’s diverse people. We use small apertures to achieve tremendous depth of field and the long exposures that result from the combination of slow film speeds and low light levels often mark the passage of wind and water through the scene.

We are often asked what makes a great photograph. A great photograph is one that makes you stop and take the time to think about the atmosphere it creates or the feelings it inspires in you. If one of our images makes you pause and think about this for more than 10 seconds, then, in our opinion, that is truly a great photograph.

We hope you enjoy our photographs as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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