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Political Website for Judge Kate Lynch, candidate for District Court Judge, Unified Government, Kansas City KS, Wyandotte County

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  • Complete web design and layout
  • Logo Design
  • Complimentary graphic design
  • Interactive, DHTML-based menu systems
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email listing integration
  • Hosting and Maintenance including interactive online email, task and scheduling suite

“We rely on our judges to be fair and objective, and to uphold the principle that we are all equal before the law.”       Kathleen Sebelius regarding her appointment of Judge Kate Lynch to the Wyandotte County Bench

Serving the People of Wyandotte County
–  Streamlined Court Proceedings
–  Open Door Policy
–  Wise Use of Your Tax Dollars
–  Expanded Probate Services

Judge Lynch avoids excessive court delays by maintaining an open line of communication between the clerk’s office, domestic violence victims and court interpreters.

Judge Lynch works closely with the Wyandot Center to create an environment where children feel safe in a supervised setting.

Judge Lynch works with the Court Trustee’s office to enforce the child support and maintenance orders in domestic violence cases so that victims are not forced to return to the abuser for financial reasons.

On National Adoption Day last November, Judge Lynch opened her courtroom in Wyandotte County to officiate over adoptions, saying “This is the best thing I get to do in this job!”