By Mikey PostsOnly, 3:58 pm

Here at MyMonkeyFarm, we are obsessed with sock monkeys.
We are committed to breeding the friendliest monkeys with loads of charm and personality. It is essential that our monkeys have a joyful spirit and know exactly how to share that joy.

MyMonkeyFarm sock monkeys are schooled in the art of making you happy.
Each sock monkey comes with a lifetime supply of joy – you can always turn to your monkey when your joy supply is low.

MyMonkeyFarm monkeys are the best kind of monkey.
Our monkeys are hand-made from socks, which makes for a no-maintenance monkey. No diapers to be changed. No unpredictable behavior. No flinging of poo..

Services Provided:

  • Complete web design and layout
  • Logo Design
  • Complimentary graphic design
  • Secure, online sales / ecommerce
  • Interactive, DHTML-based menu systems
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email listing integration
  • Hosting and Maintenance including interactive online email, task and scheduling suite
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