Mac-N-Seitz Redesign

By Mikey PostsOnly, 12:47 am

Mac-N-Seitz is one of the premier Baseball and Softball training facilities in the country.  They also happen to be a long-time client

Recognizing the value of a professional website, they made the decision to “step things up a bit”.  The result is an impressive site with tons of good looks and quality features

Services Provided:

  • Web design and layout
  • Logo and complimentary graphic design
  • Interactive, DHTML-based menu systems
  • Full CMS integration, including
    • Blog Software
    • Calendar / Scheduling
    • Online sales and donations
    • Real-time news feeds from several, sports-related sites.
    • Video and Photo Gallery integration
    • Integration with social media sites including
      • Customized Facebook
      • Twitter
      • YouTube
      • EventBrite for online event scheduling
  • PHP and MySQL-based software.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email Mailing List integration
  • Hosting and Maintenance including interactive online email, task and scheduling suite
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